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SAN Switch Replacement

  • These are just some bullet points on replacing a SAN switch, you can also refer to these if installing a new switch
    • Make sure your replacement switch has the same licenses as the original switch. If not, contact Brocade or the OEM vendor, in my case HP, for a license move of your licenses to the replacement switch
    • Check the fabricPrincipal, you may want to move it to a different switch if the switch being replaced is the current principal
    • Do not connect your replacement switch to the fabric yet, but connect it to your network and, if neeeded, give an IP-address.
    • Be sure to have a saved configuration of the original switch ready. Regularly schedule a backup with ‘configupload’ to save it.
    • Know the firmware version of the switch which is to be replaced and make sure your replacement switch has the exact same firmware version.
    • Change the default passwords of the replacement switch
    • Disable your switch with ‘switchdisable’. The reason for this is that it needs to be disabled to do the next step.
      • ‘configdownload’ the configuration of the original switch to your replacement switch and reboot the replacement switch
      • Verify the configuration in the replacement switch, check the settings. Most importantly the domain id. You may also need to adjust the IP, SwitchName and DNS settings if they were not replaced by the 'configdownload'
    • Clear the complete zoning configuration with ‘cfgdisable’, ‘cfgclear’ and ‘cfgsave’. Verify this step
    • Now it’s time to connect it to the fabric and to your hosts and storage array’s
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